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It all started when…

Cato Press is a new and energetic print collective established in Easton, Bristol, as both a facility for emerging print makers as well as a resource for community campaign and protest – inspired by collectives such as See Red Women’s feminist prints (1968 – 1990) and the open access London Poster Workshop (1968 - 1971). 

The history of print making as a form of dissent is well documented, as a means of both communicating information as well as building communities.  It remains relevant even beyond the era of social media to create powerful symbols to engage and motivate as well as generating physical objects for campaigns through positive collaboration. 

Cato Press has been developing the Community Print Workshops as an effective and enjoyable format for education, community engagement and creative production of posters and banners for social or political groups since early 2017. Collaborations so far including the Landworkers’ Alliance, Herbalists Without Borders, Acorn Community Union and Momentum. 

In 2019 we begin a collaboration with 'Commemoration, Conflict and Conscience'a year long project  which culminates in a national festival in Bristol. The project looks at ‘hidden’ or lesser known stories of the First World War, legacy, peace-building & alienation from commemoration. 


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